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The International Journal of Research and Applications

Vol.6 - No.1 - 2011

Editor-in-Chief: Atila Ozguc

Guest Editor: Kiyohumi Yumoto

Editoral board


  1. United Nations Basic Space Science Initiative: 2010 Status Report on the International Space Weather Initiative
    S. Gadimova, H.J. Haubold, D. Danov, K. Georgieva, G. Maeda, K. Yumoto, J.M. Davila, N. Gopalswamy
  2. Determination of the Solar Radius based on the Annular Solar Eclipse of 15 January 2010
    J. Adassuriya, S. Gunasekera, N. Samarasinha
  3. Peculiarities in Evolutions of Cosmic Radiation Level after Sudden Decreases
    T. Pinter, M. Rybansky, K. Kudela, I. Dorotovic (-884Kb)
  4. Study of Equatorial Ionospheric Scintillation and TEC characteristics at Solar minimum using GPS-SCINDA data
    J.-B. Ackah, O. K. Obrou, Z. Zaka, M. N. Mene, K. Groves (-444Kb)
  5. On the role of the bow shock in power of magnetospheric disturbances
    P.A. Sedykh
  6. White light corona at different phases of the solar cycle
    P. V. Stoeva, A. D. Stoev, S. V. Kuzin

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