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The International Journal of Research and Applications

Vol.5 - No.2 - 2010

Editor-in-Chief: E.S.Babayev

Guest Editor: Katya Georgieva

Editoral board


  1. Properties and Surprises of Solar Activity XXIII Cycle
    V. N. Ishkov (-259Kb)
  2. Prediction of Amplitude of Solar Cycle 24 Based on Polar Magnetic Field of the Sun at Cycle Minimum
    M. I. Pishkalo
  3. A comparison of sunspot position measurments from different data sets,
    I. Poljancic, R. Brajsa, D. Ruzdjak, D. Hrzina, . Jurdana Sepic, H. Wohl, W. Otruba(-338Kb)
  4. The post-eruptive arcade formation in the limb event on July 31, 2004 from microwave solar observations with the RATAN-600 radio telescope,
    I. Yu. Grigoryeva, L. K. Kashapova, V. N. Borovik, M. A. Livshits
  5. Catalogue of solar flare spectra observed at Ondrejov in 1998-2007,
    Yu. A. Kupryakov , P. Kotrc and L. K. Kashapova
  6. Influence of Space Climate and Space Weather on the Earth,
    T. Kuznetsova
  7. Ozone dynamics over Bulgaria during the 23-rd solar cycle, B.D. Mendeva,
    Ts.N. Gogosheva , D.G. Krastev
  8. An Instrument for Measuring the Near-Surface PlasmaTemperature and Concentration, and the Surface Charging of the International Space Station,
    B. Kirov

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