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The International Journal of Research and Applications

Vol.4 - No.1 - 2009

Editor-in-Chief: E.S.Babayev

Guest Editors: Katya Georgieva and Balan Nanan

Editoral board


  1. New findings on increasing solar trend that can change Earth climate: are we entering new great solar minima?
    J.P.Rozelot. (-237Kb)
  2. Small-parametric nonlinear model to study the features of regional large-scale cyclogenesis
    N.S. Erokhin, N.N.Zolnikova, L.A.Mikhailovskaya, R.Shkevov (-482Kb)
  3. Solar Forcing on the Changing Climate
  4. Geomagnetic activity influence on thermobaric characteristics of the atmosphere
    O.A. Rubtsova, G.A. Zherebtsov, V.A. Kovalenko, S.I. Molodykh
  5. Physical model of solar activity influence on climate characteristics of troposphere
    S.I. Molodykh, G.A. Zherebtsov, V.A. Kovalenko
  6. The relationship between solar activity and soil water balance
    D. Rosa, I. Pilas, J. Rosa, B. Vrsnak, D. Maricic, D. Hrzina
  7. Possible space weather influence on the Earth wheat markets
    L.A. Pustilínik, G. Yom Din

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