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The International Journal of Research and Applications

Vol.3 - No.2 - 2008

Editor-in-Chief: E.S.Babayev

Guest Editor: Arnold Hanslmeier

Editoral board


  1. Acceleration, dynamics and emission of energetic particles in flare loops.
    A.V.Stepanov, V.V.Zaitsev
  2. Observations of Ha line profiles in Be stars using 45 cm Cassegrain telescope at Arthur C Clarke Institute.
    S.Gunasekera, J. Adassuriya, N. I. Medagangoda
  3. Mechanism of solar influence on the winter time polar atmosphere.
    N. A. Kilifarska
  4. Ionospheric storms associated with geospace storms as observed with the Kharkiv incoherent scatter radar.
    L.F.Chernogor, Ye.I.Grigorenko, V.N.Lysenko, V.T.Rozumenko, V.I.Taran
  5. Statistical relationship of the NO2 slant column densities over Stara Zagora station and the solar F10.7 flux with consideration of the QBO phase.
    D.Valev, R.Werner, A.Atanassov, I. Kostadinov, G.Giovanelli, F.Ravegnani, A.Petritoli, D.Bortoli, E.Palazzi, T.Markova
  6. International Heliophysical Year And Astronomy And Space Science Activities In Arab States: Concentration On United Arab Emirates And Iraq
    Hamid M.K. Al-Naimiy, Ala A.J.Al-Douri

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