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The International Journal of Research and Applications

Vol.2 - No.2 - 2007

Editor-in-Chief: Elchin BABAYEV

Guest Editor: Norma B. Crosby

Editoral board


  1. Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic Waves in the Collisionless Space Plasma, N.S. Dzhalilov, V.D. Kuznetsov, J. Staude. (-629 kb)
  2. Monthly Deaths Number and Concomitant Environmental Physical Activity: 192 Months Observation (1990-2005). E. Stoupel, R. Kalediene, J. Petrauskiene, S. Starkuviene, E. Abramson, P. Israelevich, J. Sulkes. (-86 kb)
  3. Geomagnetic Indices Variations and Human Physiology, S. Dimitrova. (-133 kb)
  4. The Elf Band as a Possible Spectral Window for Seismo-Ionospheric Diagnostics, V. Bezrodny, O. Budanov, A. Koloskov, M. Hayakawa, V. Sinitsin, Y. Yampolski, V. Korepanov. (-2 Mb)
  5. Transmitting Energy on Basis of Powerful Lasers as Means for Injection on Fading Satellites, M. Z. Zamfirov, P. S. Getzov. (-378 kb)
  6. Activities of the Balkan, Black Sea and Caspian Sea Regional Network on Space Weather Studies, A. Ozguc. (-45 kb)
  7. Editorial Appreciation (-20 kb)


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