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The International Journal of Research and Applications

Vol.2 - No.1 - 2007

Editor-in-Chief: Elchin BABAYEV

Guest Editor: Atila OZGUC

Editoral board


  1. International Heliophysical Year: European Activities
    C. Briand (- 182kb)
  2. Polarimetry with Gregor – An Ongoing Project
    A. Hofmann (- 672kb)
  3. Evolution of Magnetic and Velocity Fields in Super-Active Region NOAA10486 and the Large 4B/X17.2 Flare of October 28, 2003
    A. Ambastha (- 1.21 Mb)
  4. On The Solar Shape and Some Consequences or Towards “HELIOCLIMATOLOGY”
    J.P. Rozelot (- 206kb)
  5. Dynamics of the Solar Wind
    G.N. Zastenker (- 195kb)
  6. Asymmetry in the Inward-Outward Polarity in the Interplanetary Magnetic Field
    A.B.Asgarov, V.N. Obridko (- 312kb)
  7. Current Problems of Magnetic Storm Prediction and Possible Ways of Their Solving
    O.V. Khabarova (- 174kb)
  8. Field-Aligned Currents on Board of Intercosmos Bulgaria-1300 Satellite in Comparison with Modelled Large-Scale Currents
    D. Danov, R. Koleva (- 205kb)
  9. Atmospheric Electric and Electromagnetic Field Rapid Changes as Possible Precursors of Earthquakes And Volcano Eruption: A Brief Review
    Z. Kobylinski, S. Michnowski (- 155kb)
  10. An Influence of Changes of Heliogeophysical Conditions on Biological Systems: Some Results of Studies Conducted in the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
    E.S.Babayev, A.A.Allahverdiyeva, F.R.Mustafa, P.N.Shustarev (- 91kb)
  11. On Eclipse Polarimetry of the Inner White Light Corona
    V.V. Popov, I.S. Kim, E.V. Popova (- 355kb)
  12. Solar Radiation Dynamics during the Total Solar Eclipse on 11 August 1999 in the Territory of Bulgaria
    D.D.Krezhova, T.K.Yanev, A.H.Krumov (- 407kb)

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